Heather's Henna Tree

Located in Ypsilanti, Michigan

About me

My name is Heather Houchlei, I am an artist specializing in Henna Art, Beaded Jewelry and Floral Design. My love of all things arts and crafts started when I was very young. Watching my mom and aunt when they would sew, crochet or whatever projects they were working on always made me want to jump in and learn how to create things myself. I started beading at the age of 12, practicing henna at 15 years old and I started learning floral design when I was 18. Now I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have four children who love to get involved with all things art related with me. Thank you for supporting my small business! 

Henna Art on Wood

All pieces are painted completely freehand so each one is one of a kind. The henna creates a raised texture on the wood. Each piece is shellac and sealed so it is safe to touch and easy to clean.

Henna Art on Canvas

These are great for hanging on the wall or sitting on a desk or table. Each piece is hand painted and one of a kind, the texture is raised and they are sealed with shellac. 


These magnets made of wood or canvas painted with henna are great for the fridge or to add some fun to any magnetic surface. 

Henna Body Art

I have been practicing henna body art for over 20 years now. Here you can find some examples of my work. I offer private appointments as well as henna parties and event henna.

Floral Design

I do weddings, events and funeral arrangements. With 18 years of experience designing I can make it all. Call or text to set up a consultation for your event 734-787-1729

Beaded Jewelry

Beading is one of my favorite things to do. Each piece is unique so you get to wear a one of a kind creation. I also offer sets for bridal parties if you want them to match but I need lots of time to make custom orders that large so order early!

Resin Suncatchers

These are unique hand beaded suncatchers. I pour the resin and then match the beadwork to materials used. some are etched with fun designs.